What are the office hours?

We are open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. We are available to assist families on weekends and after hours by appointment to accommodate their schedule.

Are you a perpetual care cemetery?

Yes. These funds are used for the future care and maintenance of the cemetery grounds.

How does perpetual care work?

10% of the gross proceeds from the sale of lots, crypts and niches are placed in a trust fund to maintain the cemetery in the future. The principal can never be touched. SEE RULES & REGULATIONS, SECTION V 4-a

Does perpetual care assist with monument maintenance?

No. Monuments are not maintained by the cemetery. The purchaser/owner of the monument is responsible for future cleaning, additional litho chrome (a special paint) in the letters and future death dates and carvings. SEE RULES & REGULATIONS, SECTION V 5-b

Can I put a vase on the ground near my monument?

No. Vases should be a part of the monument or affixed to the monument. We want to keep the cemetery as uniformed as possible. It is difficult and dangerous to maintain the cemetery with vases and flowers placed loosely on the graves. The groundskeepers will remove loose memorial items that are not placed inside of permanent flower vases to ensure the on-going beauty of the cemetery.

Can I place special potted plants and flowers on our lot for special occasions?

Yes. Potted plants and special plants are allowed on lots or graves at Easter, Memorial Day and other similar holidays. They will be allowed to stay on the grave or lot for 4 days. They will be removed in four days after placement so that the cemetery can be mowed and maintained. SEE RULES & REGULATIONS, SECTION X 10-d

Can I place more than one casket or cremated remains in a grave or crypt?

No. For beautification and uniformity, Dorchester Memory Gardens allows for one casketed or cremated remains in a grave or crypt. However, there are some cremation memorialization offerings that allow for more than one cremated remains to be memorialized, such as a cremation bench. SEE SEE RULES & REGULATIONS, SECTION VII 7-i & 7-j

Does Dorchester Memory Gardens install all of the monuments?

Yes. Dorchester Memory Gardens is responsible for the placement of all of the monument foundations and the erection of monuments in the cemetery. Please review our monument requirements. SEE RULES & REGULATIONS, SECTION 9-c

Can I put solar lighting on a grave?

Yes, with some limitations. You can put solar lighting in the vase attached to monuments. Any items placed into and/or on the grass will be removed before each mowing. This includes stones, frames, vases, balloons, fake flowers, real flowers, paper, small trinkets, etc. If items do not fit into the vase attached to a monument, the items will be removed before each mowing.

What are the Mausoleum hours?

As a general rule, the Mausoleum is open 7 days a week from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.