Perpetual Care Cemetery

What does perpetual care mean?

Perpetual care is often misunderstood.

Simply put, perpetual care is a fund used for the general maintenance and repair of the cemetery grounds. For example, mowing and other grounds maintenance of the cemetery during the growing season is considered among perpetual care costs for the cemetery.

Perpetual Care is also sometimes called endowed or permanent care and is collected when a cemetery lot, mausoleum space or monument/marker is initially purchased. A portion of the funds paid to the cemetery are set aside for the future perpetual care costs.

Perpetual care funds do not cover the upkeep of headstones or keeping the gravesites clean. Each family is responsible for purchasing and keeping each monument/marker clean within the cemetery. Flowers and other memorial items must be placed in vases only. All other flowers, flags and memorial items will be removed by the grounds crew to ensure the on-going beauty of the cemetery.